F42 Change Proposal: Fedora Plasma Workstation (System-Wide)

Plasma provides this approachable, highly-flexible, user-extensible experience with predictability across Plasma releases. Unlike other desktop experiences such as GNOME Shell, the APIs leveraged by Plasma applets / widgets have been more stable across “minor” Plasma releases, reducing long-term user frustration and promoting a healthier ecosystem for developers and users alike.

My partner, and my a friend of mine, are both neurodivergent.

They have both used KDE Plasma, and they have both used GNOME.

They have both hated KDE for its complexity compared to GNOME, where they said “it just works” on GNOME.

GNOME UI and app design makes their computers easier to use in comparison to Windows.

My parents who are PC illiterate have a better time with GNOME because their skills from phones and tablets pass over.

KDE Plasma does not provide this in my experience.

KDE is great, a fast moving project like GNOME. But this proposal is too filled with what I see as fluff.

The premise of user choice without consideration of what users really want with a computer for example.

Furthermore, the extensions that KDE Plasma provides out of the box and is promoted? Seems to be an excellent attack vector: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/linux/kde-advises-extreme-caution-after-theme-wipes-linux-users-files/