F42 Change Proposal: Fedora Plasma Workstation (System-Wide)

For what it’s worth, from the DNF stats, share of systems by reported variant in /etc/os-release (with everything not Workstation or a desktop environment spin removed):

We can see a pretty steady gain in share for KDE, Xfce, and Cinnamon (although the share for Xfce and Cinnamon remains much smaller). This does not represent a decline in Workstation overall — that’s growing too, but the others are growing faster. (And Mate/Compiz isn’t declining; it’s basically flat.) Also, all of the various Atomic desktops, including Silverblue and Kinoite, are grouped into “other” here; they’re still at less than 1% overall.

One of the main reasons we wanted one primary answer originally is that we didn’t want to present new users with an overwhelming “choose your own adventure”, and we wanted to be able to say confidently that the one most likely chosen was also the one we vetted the most and felt would provide a “showcase” experience of Fedora overall.

From the numbers, it’s clear that KDE is experiencing quite a lot of success in Fedora as is, which is itself awesome. It’s also more than all of the other non-GNOME desktop variants combined.