F42 Change Proposal: Fedora Plasma Workstation (System-Wide)

Some thoughts not in any particular order.

Release schedule and support - Plasma and Gear (KDE’s apps) are on separate 3-month release cycles, along with a new release of Frameworks coming out every month, and KDE do not support older versions of their desktops or apps, while GNOME supports theirs for about a year, neatly matching up with the lifespan of each Fedora release.

KDE already receives several concessions from Fedora due to its importance: it is the only other release-blocking desktop and it is the only desktop that is allowed to have major version upgrades within a Fedora release because of their release schedule and lack of support for older versions of their platform, and this often causes complaints of regressions and new bugs that didn’t exist in the previous version.

Qt’s licensing is also a point of contention, especially the LTS versions, which aren’t released as open source for a year (the maximum allowed time by the KDE Free Qt Foundation contract). GTK does not have this issue at all.

The Standardisation and Wayland support sections are full of hyperbole. GNOME is involved in standardisation work across the entire Freedesktop ecosystem just as much as KDE is, and most major points in the Wayland section are either supported by GNOME right now or are being actively worked on.

Industry and Community support - every major LTS and commercial distro ships GNOME as default - Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL Workstation, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, even Oracle Solaris ships it. GNOME also receives significant development from the industry - Collabora, Igalia, Endless, Purism, and several others, and collaborates in several upstream projects - GStreamer (which KDE don’t seem interested in supporting at all), PipeWire, Systemd, Flatpak, so on, so forth.

Another major issue is polish. KDE lacks polish in several areas - SDDM isn’t integrated at all into the desktop experience, KScreenLocker* still has issues with randomly breaking, the whole Activities weirdness, the default theme isn’t very pleasing, the random friction in some parts of the experience - a context menu appearing when you drag something is one example. To be fair KDE have immensely improved the polish in their desktop, but they still have quite a long way to go.

I don’t want to accuse you of proposing this in bad faith but given your history within the GNOME project, this just seems like you want to drum up rage-bait articles against GNOME and Fedora. :confused: I hope that’s not the case.

With all this said I do want to see more love from Fedora to KDE. What happened to that proposal for Fedora to contribute some funding to KDE?

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