F42 Change Proposal: Fedora Plasma Workstation (System-Wide)

Just a headsup about this proposal: We are in no way proposing the removal of the Gnome Desktop Environment. This would only switch the default DE from Gnome to KDE.

As far as the ease of use and the like, I always compared Gnome and KDE as thus:

Gnome has a UI that is much more refined and ‘shizeled’ than KDE (i.e. It looks prettier and is generally more intuitive). But the whole experience is usually quite restrictive and narrow, and new technologies usually take much longer to be implemented in Gnome than it does in KDE.

KDE is at the forefront of many of the new technologies in Linux today (Not to quote the actual proposal, but that point’s actually true), and as far as I know, this is what I like about Fedora, we usually foster the use of new technologies.

In very simple terms, I always compare Gnome to MacOS, while I usually compare KDE to Windows (Minus all the bloat, ads, …).

But to be realistic, I wish this proposal would pass, but I am also realistic in the fact that it probably will not :slight_smile: