F40 kernel 6.8.9 doesn't turn on fans after wake from sleep

I have had lots of issues on my laptop with kernels 6.7-6.8 with sleep. First it frequently didn’t want to go to sleep, or wake up from sleep. Now with latest 6.8.x kernels it wakes good and no more errors for CPU acpi errors. but now when I wake it up it will not spin up fans for GPU or CPU always, so even simple Firefox YT play would overheat GPU (4060) and laptop freezes. Sometimes I’m lucky to get fans spinning, but they would spin same speed then until another sleep, which can also be a bit loud, but at least I can work.

And when I have overheating shutdown, it takes 2 - 3 reboots to get CPU and GPU fans to properly cool down. I have win installation on different m2. ssd so sometimes I have to boot into Win to get both fans spinning, and after that reboot normally works fine.
i use nvtop, but it doesn’t show fan speed

though sensors show temperatures ok or, btm
pwmconfig also shows no supported fans.
So how to somehow activate fans. Sometimes it works if I stop brave and launch it again with “discreate GPU” or I started some cpu miner, but many times it doesn’t help, and temperature goes over 92C so I stop it.