F40 Change Request: Privacy-preserving Telemetry for Fedora Workstation (System-Wide)

I agree. I’ve asked Matthew to create a new breakout thread for discussing this.

Hm, Stephen Smoogen suggested that we not use the proxy service at all. Sounds like that might not be possible. We are going to need to discuss the details of this, e.g. how much do the proxy servers log?

If restricting the retention time of logs would make debugging other Fedora services more difficult, then a second proxy layer with a different logging policy might help, if we were to add an additional layer of encryption to the records. That would also resolve concerns that the service would have your IP address if it gets hacked. But it would certainly be more complicated, and I don’t like complexity…

Well, we can figure this out one way or another. Not too worried about this.


That post moved to here but it doesn’t answer your question.

I’d start with this blog post (while noting that we won’t collect nearly so much data as Endless does) and scroll down to “And what have we actually learned?” If you have further queries, I can point Will at them.