F39: KDE wayland logged out shortly after login heads up

When I updated by main desktop system to f39 I would be kicked out after a short while.

I saw this log in journal --user -b 0 multiple times:

2023-11-09T14:34:17+0000 kwin_wayland[4708]: kwin_core: Applying KScreen config failed!

Using this clue I removed 2 files out of ~/.config systemmonitorrc and systemsettingsrc.
Then rebooted and logged in. This time no issues seen in logs and I was not kicked out.

I am struggling with the same problem on a gnome desktop. Wayland does not work.
Under Gnome (at least on my system) these files are not existant.
Can you or anybody else advise on how to reset the displaysettings on Gnome?
Thank you in advance.

Please start a new topic as gnome has nothing to do with kde.

Thank you Berry.

There is already a topic available, but this is missing answers: Problems with wayland after updating to fedora 39

My gut feeling is, that the root cause is the same. Thus this might not be purely KDE related.

I value your findings on the screen configuration files. They might lead to a solution for both, KDE and Gnome.

Sorry for highlighting this relationship potentially in the wrong thread. Still I hope this could be of value to others.

Sorry and thank you again.

This is a kde specific issue nothing to do with gnome or any other DE.