F38 mouse right click problem with Wayland

I have found ever since fresh installed F38, mouse right click does not pop up the menu smoothly for some apps with Wayland. It was very difficult to get the menu by right click. Changing to X11 resumed the functions. This didn’t happen in F37 with Wayland.
Does anyone have the same issue?

Which apps are affected for you? I’ve had this problem with Intellij IDEA. If I use Ctrl+Q to trigger a tooltip for something, then the right-click menu works fine for a little bit before the problem resurfaces again.

I used plotting software - Qtiplot, and spectral processing software - Mestrenova.
Does it happen if you use X11?

I didn’t spend a ton of time testing under X11, but in the fifteen or so minutes that I tried Intellij IDEA under X11 I didn’t see the problem once.