F38 beta install was a BAD mistake

Won’t do THAT again. After overwriting (presumably) a clearly premature install of F38 KDE earlier this month with F37 KDE, I’ve seen bugs particularly with the activities manager and with Discover.
Until I restart, apps can appear in all activities and “show in all activities” (right click on the icon in the task bar) won’t switch to any other option. Discover hangs and window sizes are not remembered. Except for the window size, restart fixes it, but… wow. Bad bugs for this late in F37. So why did a complete re-install cause these problems? Looks to me like a complete re-install of Fedora just ain’t.
Put me in a bad mood. Makes me wanna complain!

I have to ask if you did a full new install, redoing the partitions and all? or did you just overwrite the existing partitions? Did you save your user data and reuse it or not?

It seems quite possible that your user configs for F38 may be interfering with F37 in strange ways and thus causing the issues.

To test this theory try creating a new user in F37 and log in as that user. Do the problems still exist? or not? If not, then likely it is the user configs in the home directory (that may have been modified while trying F38) that are interfering.


Hum… IIRC, I did a new fill install of F38 KDE, but did NOT redo the partitions (I overwrote the existing partitions). I did not save the user data. It seems to me too that F38 is interfering with F37 to cause the issues I’ve seen, especially with Thunderbird.
Before I install F38 KDE (final! I hope.) next week, I try creating a new user, if only to see if the issues I’ve seen are corrected and report back (but I hope I remember to do that!) :wink: Thanks, Jeff.

Again, the issue seems to be a configuration.

You said that you did a full clean install of F38.
What you did not say was what was done when you reverted back to F37.

It seems possible that if you did not explicitly format the /home partition when you did the F37 install some of the configs from F38 may still be present and if different can cause weird symptoms.

It is known, and has been seen repeatedly, that user configs can differ between releases and the effects of the changes are sometimes difficult to identify.


Jeff, I’m not sure I recall everything exactly, but my habit is no NOT resize the partitions. When I re-installed F37 KDE, I AM sure I did not explicitly format the /home partition.
When I install the next release (soon!) I’ll make sure to do that.