(F37) when dragging something into the trash, nautilus immediately shows the trash

i guess the title explains all, and it’s very very tedious, wonder if there’s a way to avoid this like in nautilus 42?in nautilus 42, when dragging something into the trash nothing would happen (apart from, ofc, files being moved into the trash), now the trash is immediately shown, which forces you to do an unnecessary step to be back where you were…

Have you tried pressing a key like shift or ctrl to see if you can avoid the opening of the trash?

You might try it first with new created test files. Sometimes shift means not to put in trash and deletes irreversible.

You might have also to check in settings or tweaks if there is a option to revert this. Sometimes

is a new way to work. Several times i saw this in Gnome. Hiding power off option in several sub menus etc… :slight_smile:

I made a test in the VM and can confirm this behavior.

It happens when you move and stay on the trash before letting go (left side trash symbol in files right?).

If you are able to drop it fast, it just show the message below that the file is moved in trash.
If you are slow it also changes to the folder trash.

So to avoid just mark the file or files and press delete. This not changes to the trash. You have also the possibility to mark the files and right click on the files selecting move to trash.

As I mentioned above, seams to be something new where a group of users wanted changed (to verify if the file is really there :crazy_face: ) and a other group of users finds it as a unneeded change.

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Highlighting the file(s) to be removed then pressing the ‘delete’ key avoids this effect totally. I never drag+drop to the trash

This is very individual, if someone worked this way a long time you can not expect that they just changing from one minute to the other …

The worst thing is, that you probably have to go into the dconf to make this undone. This is very user unfriendly. I know that we can’t do much here so I propose to the OP making a request there:

I agree, and the symptoms described are the same as I see when dragging files between folders in nautilus. Hesitation on the destination folder opens it up.

i don’t mind when dragging files cause probably it’s where i’m heading, and anyway it’s not that fast to change, but in the trash is so fast it’s damn irritating…

no problem using dconf, but i would at least know what to search (trash?)

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found it in dconf but i don’t really know if i want to enable it, as it disables it for every movement you make

i guess there’s no way to have applied to the trash only…