F37. VLC trying to Cast to smart tv... working with Chromium an cast but not with video player (VLC)

Hi Room,

I am running Fedora 37 with all updates… trying to get this working on 4 laptops in 4 diff houses (friends and family all running and loving Fedora btw :slight_smile: )… for some reason it appears to be working fine on my G8 Elitebook laptop… maybe something I did installing / messing round with pulseaudio not sure why as I say or I wud fix it XD… help lol.

FWIW VLC on the flathub has no support for chromecast but the one that installs as per videolans instructions on their own website (for fedora) it has got the support when I type:

VLC --list


Anyone got any info… I have asked Videolan on their IRC an Forum board but got no reply & also been asking in Fedora discord, plus VLC sub on reddit…

All help is greatly appreciated,

PS I tried stopping the firewall to no avail, also Chromium n Google Chrome using cast on YT in the chrome menu works on all laptops. But need to cast movies etc though… Chromium/Chroime r going through the firewall without stopping it … anyhow I don’t believe it is the Firewall thats stopping VLC from seeing the Smart TV’s… help pls…

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Another source for vlc is by rpm installed from rpmfusion-free. That is what I have and it works quite well.

This is the same one i think is it… is it ? VLC media player for Fedora - VideoLAN
I am installing as per videolans instructions. Is yours casting to your smart tv ?
Its not casting in four diff houses on 4 diff laptops… poss something I am doing wrong during the setup process, I install Fedora an then follow those instructions… can you take a look at their instructions maybe…

Its happening in Google Chrome as well or Chromium when trying to cast a tab… so not just a VLC issue.
I believe casting a YT song is diff as it does not actually cast the screen (it jus tells the YT app on the TV what to play, so diff story)… the problem is replicated in Chrome when attempting to cast the screen, casting a tab.

I filed a bug report in Red Hat Bugzilla here @ 2167240 – F37 Casting To Smart TV's or Chromecast not working, using LibVLC..works with chromium on Youtube but not with films on LibVLC.

I also filed one in VideoLan’s bug reporting tool, even though I don’t believe its their issue as I say Fedora aint casting its screen from anywhere… link to VLC bug report here @ Issue trying to cast to smart tv's from VLC in Fedora 37 on 4 diff laptops in 4 diff houses.. (#27818) · Issues · VideoLAN / VLC · GitLab


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