F36 Wallpaper Test Day: Thursday March 31!


This Thursday, March 31, the Fedora Design team will be hosting a Fedora Test Day and we need your help! We’ll be testing out the new default F36 wallpaper (both in light and dark mode), as well as a set of 12 light & dark mode extra wallpapers.


@duffy and @madelinepeck will also have live office hours from 1700-1800 UTC (1 - 2 PM US Eastern time) in the Fedora Design chat room (https://matrix.to/#/#design:fedoraproject.org or #fedora-design on Libera Chat IRC).

Please join us!

It isn’t a very involved testing process. :slight_smile: You’ll simply load up a fresh VM of a nightly Fedora 36 build, run it full screen, and test out how the wallpapers look on your monitor at your screen resolution on your favorite desktop and let us know any issues you see - that’s it!

More details about this test day are available on the wiki page:


And our test cases are here (also open to new ones if you can think of any!!):




Thanks to everyone who participated!! We had 7 testers and an additional participant provide a PR to improve the dark mode photographic treatments.

This was the first test day we’ve run for the design team and we’re quite pleased!




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