F36 syetem freezes for ~10 seconds after resuming from suspend

In F36, ~70% of the time resuming from suspend, the system will be frozen at the desktop for a few moments, turn black, then take you to the lock screen. I have tried to do lots of troubleshooting, but the only thing I can find in journalctl that looks at all related is this error that always happens when resuming from suspend:

wlmei 0000:00:16.0-13280904-7792-4fcb-a1aa-5e70cbb1e865: Couldn't get ACK from CSME on HOST_GOES_DOWN message

and looking online, I’m not too sure what it means exactly. Any help would be appreciated.

journalctl output from laptop lid closed to re-login:

Is the GUI waiting in the network for some reason?

it appears that it happens only on the first sleep cycle. I am going to do some more testing.

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