F36...click on tab and it closes it, all browsers

Hi. This is a Lenovo Yoga 6, installed Fedora 36 on entire, wiped, disk.
On Firefox, Chrome, and Vivaldi it does the same thing: if I open a new tab by clicking on a link, the tab shows on the top, but it doesn’t open the new window, and if you click on the tab, it closes it. After a couple of tries, it works; or else, tab+shift+ctrl, works to move around windows…but surely that’s not the way it’s meant to work.
By googling, I have found the problem treated, but it is always browser-specific. I am getting exactly the same wrinkle in 3 of them

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This seems very odd. Could we have the output of fpaste --sysinfo --printonly please?
Can you also write step by step how we can try to reproduce the issue? Like: step 1, open this URL; step 2: click on this; step 3… The more detailed, the better, because we need to go through the same steps to reproduce the error.

Of course, please do check that your system is up to date: sudo dnf check-update --refresh.

After reinstalling fresh from the release 36 -I had upgraded from beta before- it is working well

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