F34 VM Cannot paste login password

I have a number of VMs which I run under Gnome-Boxes. After recent updates the Fedora 34 ones no-longer allow me to paste into the password screen at login. If I create a clean new F34 VM from the downloadable ISO I can paste the password into the login screen but if I apply the updates then this capability is lost.

The version of spice-vdagent does not change with the update
The machine hosting the VMs is running Fedora 33 with all updates

Once logged into the VM there are no issues though.

Any ideas as to why this capability is lost?


Don’t know why or how it was lost, but it seems common in most apps and machines that you cannot paste into a password field, even on sites opened in the browser, like my insurance company and banks.

The issue has been fixed with the latest software update. I am assuming it was gnome-shell 40.2 that did the trick.

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