F34 Silverblue does not boot - RIP: 0010:kobject_put+0x19/0x1d0

I have Silverblue installed as the only OS, with default disk layout and disk encryption. Then I had a rebase to Kinoite which I use as a daily driver since January.

I did a rebase to Silverblue F34 to test it, but it fails to boot. The console output goes too fast to be able to see exactly where the problem occurs and there are no logs. I made a video where I could barely see that Journal service is started, FUSE control file system is mounted and static nodes in dev are created, and then many trace outputs like RIP: 0010:kobject_put+0x19/0x1d0. After many screens of such output errors, it gets to a wait trying to zram and in the end it freezes, so I can only do a forced shutdown via power off. Repeated CTRL+ALT+DEL presses in the meanwhile again lead to a freeze.

It seems to me that this is related to the issue reported here: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1936171. The temporary fix for me was to add the modprobe.blacklist=dell_wmi_sysman option at boot time as suggested in that discussion.

I don’t know how to get more details, since I can’t see anything in the logs from the failed boot. How to debug the boot and after boot process before a fail is not discussed in the Silverblue docs.

so with that boot option your system now boots and works successfully?

It seems that this is fixed in the meanwhile - version 34.20210330.n.0 (2021-03-30T08:09:55Z) works fine enough.