F33 Stable Releasing Today Or Not?

Target release date is today (20th Oct). So is it releasing today or not?

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Today was the Preferred Final Target date. But the final release has been postponed to the Final Target date #1 that is October 27.




see: Current Final Target date


@just2sweet why?
However your comment is not useful at all. The final release will not be released today. You are certainly free to install whichever distribution you like, but remember that these release dates are only expectations, if there are bugs violating the release criteria, the release will be postponed. Nothing strange. You can continue to use the beta if it works for you, and you can also contribute in reporting bugs or performing tests.
You can find the list of current unresolved bugs (or fixes on testing) considered release blocking here: Fedora 33 Final Blocker Bugs



Don’t worry - it won’t officially release today. Earliest date is Oct 27, check in on Thursday go/no-go meeting.


If you are really that dedicated to hitting a “target release date” as “final release date” then maybe you should help the developers stomp out bugs so the release can be done on your schedule and still meet the standards the project has for quality.

I personally cannot see that slipping the additional week will have a serious impact on anyone who understands that the semi-annual release schedule has always been flexible from the beginning. Everyone benefits from identifying and fixing bugs before releasing the .iso which is written in stone until the release of the next version. Releasing the .iso with serious known bugs would be detrimental to the whole community and harmful to Fedora’s reputation as a quality system.

If you maintain focus and pay attention to the open meetings and data you could keep track of what is happening and why instead of ranting.

BTW, If you are the business IT specialist you should be aware that it has never been recommended that a business upgrade their systems to a new release on day 1. It has always been recommended that they delay for a short time to make certain the release is 100% stable before relying on it for business needs.


Oh, the irony!

Checking Fedora 33 Final Blocker Bugs, the only F33 blocker bug is ‘Secure Boot fails to boot F33 Beta image’, caused by an update to the UEFI firmware.

The linked bugzilla https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1883609 shows (comment 61 from Adam Williamson, the senior Fedora QA guy) - note that the signature revocations mentioned are done when the UEFI firmware is updated:

…Microsoft has not actually made Windows do the revocations yet. There is a general industry-wide consensus to do them next year…but Ubuntu has jumped the gun and started doing it already. So if you install a recent Ubuntu on a system, it does the revocations, and Fedora (and other things whose bootloaders haven’t been re-signed yet, I guess) don’t boot any more. See comments 22 and 35. Because Ubuntu has jumped the gun on this we’re having to rush through re-signing shim when we previously had a plan to do it together with a new release.

I’ll restrain myself and refrain from further comment … :wink:


I have no such restraint. Fedora 33 is delayed due to this Ubuntu mistake. Fedora will not have a new shim signed by Microsoft in time for Oct 27 release, and we are not going to release the week after that because Nov 3 is election day in the US (we only release on Tuesdays). So the powers that be will soon decide (probably tomorrow?) whether to release on Oct 27 with the current shim, or to delay the release until Nov 10 to allow time for a new shim to be signed.

My guess is we’ll probably release on Oct 27 to avoid that long delay, and Ubuntu users will simply not be able to install Fedora 33. As long as you do not install Ubuntu, you should have no problems booting Fedora 33, because only Ubuntu is shipping the Boot Hole revocations this soon. Alternatively, if you have installed Ubuntu, you’re going to need to disable secure boot to boot Fedora (not recommended).

So that is why we’re delayed this time. I’m not an expert on any of the above. See the bug report for the gory details. But honestly, delays are very typical for Fedora. In fact, Fedora 28 was the first ever release to ship on time. So releasing as scheduled is rare for us. If you don’t like that, I recommend installing Ubuntu. But beware, since you probably won’t be able to boot Fedora again if you do. :wink:


So the powers that be will soon decide (probably tomorrow?) whether to release on Oct 27 with the current shim, or to delay the release until Nov 10 to allow time for a new shim to be signed.

Finalized release date is Oct 27 with the existing shim!


Fedora 33 Final RC1.2 compose is GO

So you can use RC1.2 as GA.


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