F33 DNS from VPN is not longer in use after upgrad

Hello, I’ve seen multiple topics regarding VPN issues but cannot find solution there.
I’ve created ovpn connection via NM gui.
Server could be resolved over both public DNS(expected 403) and DNS from VPN(the only way to get access to resource).
Use this connection only for resources on its network is turned on.
Previously DNS from VPN was prioritized over system DNS with this checkbox turned on, but now it tries to resolve over system one first (which have no sense for my with my limited networking knowledge).

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Route all DNS:

Or use split DNS:


How can I find VPN_ID?

See connection name:

nmcli connection show
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Could you please describe in 2 words what this command do?

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It makes use DNS over VPN for all domains replacing resolvers from other connections.

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Am I missing something? no such user or named directory: .

If I understand correctly this command modify connection lowering dns priorities. If it’s true I should lover dns priorities for wired connection in order to use VPN first.

Apparently you need to use quotes or backslash to escape tilda when working in zsh.
Or run that command with bash.
Negative values have higher priority.

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Indeed. Is there a declarative way to check DNS priorities?

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resolvectl dns
resolvectl domain 
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The ~. syntax is only known by resolvectl, you cannot use it in NetworkManager AFAIK.

No, it works, see: https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/systemd-resolved-not-querying-dns-server-set-by-openvpn/74961/4?u=vgaetera

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