F32: Nautilus: Bookmark entries

I installed F32, and one post-install issue I am trying to solve is that nautilus does not recognize (or remember) my bookmarks.
All it’s showing there are two nextcloud entries (despite not having reinstalled the nextcloud-client yet).


Maybe it’s helpful to know how I installed F32. It has been an F31 machine before and I did a “fresh” install, keeping my home dir in place. All I did to my home dir was renaming .config before the install.

I appreciate any help leading me into the right direction. Amazing release otherwise - every Fedora is release is the best ever…

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You could be able to check /home/username/.config/gtk-3.0/bookmarks

File should look something like:

file:///path/to/folder Bookmark_name



Problem solved - Thanks for the hint!

Who would have guessed that path for the bookmark file…

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