F32 Keyboard and Mouse Unresponsive

I am a long time Fedora user and have been able to solve issues on my own so far, but I am stumped now.

I have F32 set up running Mythtv. I have Mythtv set up to execute Chrome. In Chrome, the mouse and keyboard become unresponsive, sometimes taking many seconds to respond, if at all. Even in Mythtv, the keyboard occasionally hangs up. The main IR remote interface works correctly.

Troubleshooting on the Mouse / Keyboard / Monitor interface is thus very difficult, but I can easily log in remotely from another Linux machine and run any program.

Can anyone suggest how best to troubleshoot this issue? Many of the X related event monitoring programs rely on running on the target screen. This appears to be a recent issue. This system has been running and updated for over a decade.