Extremely long boot on resuming from hibernation Fedora 32

I have been using Fedora from Fedora 31. Resume time after hibernation was not too long, would take 1-2 minutes
After upgrading to Fedora 32, boot times after hibernation have increased significantly sometimes they take upto 7 minutes just for the GDM login screen to appear.
Output of systemd-analyze blame:

35.039s unbound-anchor.service                                                   
27.882s firewalld.service                                                        
26.863s plymouth-quit-wait.service                                               
24.010s udisks2.service                                                          
22.554s ModemManager.service                                                     
15.366s fwupd.service                                                            
11.978s lvm2-monitor.service                                                     
11.325s systemd-udev-settle.service                                              
11.282s sssd.service                                                             
10.762s abrtd.service                                                            
10.310s systemd-rfkill.service                                                   
10.177s systemd-fsck-root.service                                                
 9.986s NetworkManager-wait-online.service                                       
 9.140s bluetooth.service                                                        
 9.139s avahi-daemon.service                                                     
 8.948s rtkit-daemon.service                                                     
 8.935s switcheroo-control.service                                               
 8.934s systemd-homed.service                                                    

I’ve disabled splash on boot to have a look at logs, but the last logs were related to restoring pages from swap, and these tasks finished quickly, but then the screen turned dark and after a long time ~5-6 minutes I am able to see my GDM login screen.

Also some of the shorter boot times (~4 mins) are when I hibernate the machine in Fedora, and then start Fedora again. But the boot time is longer when I restart from Windows (~7 minutes)

Apparently Wayland results in taking up a lot of time for resuming. When I hibernate from Xorg, the resume and boot up is very fast. Please help me fix this.

The defaulting Application is IntelliJ IDEA, and when I hibernate with IntelliJ open I have to wait for a really long time now more than 7 minutes. I’ve switched to KDE with Xorg. Please help me. I would really appreciate some support.