External Monitors boot to black screen and freeze computer, forcing a restart

I’m running into a weird issue where on X11 if an external monitor is connected to my dGPU that Fedora (39) will load to a black screen and lock the computer up. I’m currently working around this by leaving the HDMI disconnected until the boot sequence finishes, but it’d be nice to have an actual fix to this issue.

Some things I’ve tried:

  • sudo grubby --args=“amdgpu.sg_display=0” --update-kernel=ALL
  • Editing the sddm.conf and kde_settings.conf to point to X11
  • Changing the MUX switch settings to see if that was the issue

GPU: AMD 6700S
Ram: 24GB DDR5
OS: Fedora 39 (KDE-Plasma)
External Displays: USB-C to iGPU and HDMI to dGPU with MUX switch set to dGPU (on)