External monitor not receiving any signal - Fedora 35

Hello everyone,

I recently installed Fedora 35 on my Thinkpad x270. When I connect an external display, the latter receives no signal, but it is recognised by Fedora (it shows in the settings with the correct name and all).

I’m on Fedora 35, Gnome 41.6 on Wayland.
My graphics card is Mesa Intel HD Graphics 520 (SKL GT2).
I tried to connect the external display both through HDMI and through a USB-C hub. The result was the same.

Thank you for your help!

With fedora 36 and gnome 42 I see a similar issue with wayland. When I use xorg things work as expected.

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Same issue on wayland Fedora 36 and gnome 42

I have the same issue, for now I use xorg. Not ideal, but I nothing I tried actually worked.

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