External Monitor not displaying after switch


Been a Fedora user for a few months now. Shifted Fedora 37 yesterday.

I currently have my Legion laptop running Fedora Workstation 37 connnected to an external display via a KVM switch.

If I have the KVM Switch set to my Legion laptop and boot up Fedora on it, it is displayed on both monitors. After login, if I switch the KVM to my work laptop and then back to my Legion laptop - While the laptop does detect the display (due to my windows disappearing from my laptop screen) the external display remains blank and says “Input Signal not Found”.

Sometimes, the laptop just randomly goes back to the boot screen and then comes back to the logiin screen but with both displays running now. When I login, it seems to be a fresh login as my programs open in the previous session are no longer there. I can then continue using the external display normally until I need to make the switch again.

This issue does not happen with my work laptop, and didn’t happen on Fedora 36.

If someone could help me solve this, that would be great!

So I found this report in the Problem reporting Tool.

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Can you see if switching to X11 corrects the problem.
On the login screen there should be a cog at the bottom select it and select Gnome on Xorg.

Can you take a look at: gnome-shell crashes after disconnecting monitor (#5954) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-shell · GitLab as this sounds very similiar.


Hi Joe,

Thanks! But I apparently solved the issue by switching to Discrete Graphics in the BIOS. The Gitlab issue does look similar.
I also switched to x11 using this guide - How to Configure Xorg as Default GNOME Session in Fedora

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