External display works fine in Mirror or Join mode but is laggy in "External Only" mode

I installed Fedora 39 on my laptop two days back. I am new to daily driving linux, with only a little experience with WSL on Windows. My laptop has an AMD 4600H chipset with integrated graphics and a dedicated Nvidia 1650 GPU. On windows, I used to connect my laptop with an external display and work. On Fedora I was facing some issues initially with my external display, but after installing nvidia drivers, switching from wayland to x11, and making nvidia as primary graphics, it started to work. But then there was a warning on startup related to nvidia kernel module being missing. To resolve this, I first disabled the “secure boot” but then I opted to sign the drivers and re enable the “secure boot”.
The issue then was that nvidia card being my primary GPU was consuming too much power, and I was getting pretty low battery life. So after researching, I found the solution to install and use “envycontrol” to switch my GPU, but that also needs a system reboot after every switch. So for now, it is on “hybrid”, and I have removed the primaryGPU option from nvidia.conf. Now, laptop is giving good battery life. External display works fine. But it does so only if I mirror or join the displays. And from what appears in system monitor, integrated graphics is able to handle both displays. When I switch to “External Only”, or I shut the lid, it becomes very laggy and unusable.

So the current configuration is usable, but I would rather have my lid shut, and use external monitor only to also save on battery, and also to remove hdmi when I need to use my laptop screen with integrated graphics, without rebooting. What can I do to achieve this?

Hi, I have the same issue, any luck in resolving yours?