Extending LVM on Silverblue


I had a working multiboot setup with Fedora Silverblue and Windows 10. Unfortunately, my Windows 10 stopped working after failed upgrade, so I would like to remove it and attach a free space to my Fedora Silverblue.

My partition setup is a linux /boot, LVM with root / and /var partitions and two EFI partitions (workaround for Anaconda bugs)

I would like to format my Windows partition and attach it to LVM as new physical volume, then extend my volume group and resize the /var partition to make use of this free space.

Is this safe on Fedora Silverblue? Can it break booting my Fedora Silverblue?

With LVM you should be able to reformat the W10 partition and reclaim (or grow your filesystem into) it.

As always I would recommend making a backup first.

That being said, I don’t see anything Silverblue specific here. You should be able to do it directly on a live system.

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Thank you, I was aware because Fedora Silverblue has a special requirements about partition layout.

But I think thread can be closed.