Evolution Is a "Legacy Application?"

Hey, all… Upgraded to 36 and it’s running smoothly, save the appearance of Evolution; that is, whatever I set “Legacy Applications” to in GNOME Tweaks, Evolution takes that theme. Odd, no?

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I think it’s more to do with whether the app has been ported over to use the new Gnome toolkits and UI guidelines.


Interesting thought… I would figure such a “core” app would have been ported first.

I can’t find anything on the Evolution main page about porting progress and there’s nothing in the GNOME “Port to GTK4” issues page specific to Evolution; however, that page also doesn’t list Evolution as a “core” app.

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Yeh, I think of it as a core app too, but there are a lot of new apps out there that probably have a “better” UI (“better” because this is personal preference, and the evolution UI works very well for me even if it doesn’t look as flashy).

Here’s a discussion that lead to evolution being dropped from the workstation install. It should give you some context:


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Thanks for that thread; although old, it’s an interesting read.

It would seem I get to live with the odd formatting from time to time.

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