Evolution causes video to flash off and back on

My last post mentioned some issues or strange behavior and the one that is front and center is that evolution (the email app) when you click on it to give it focus the video constantly goes off (dark screen) and back on (able to see all applications windows open. This can be corrected by quickly clicking on any other window when the screen is back on. I do mean quickly as this is happening several times a second. Evolution can be running but focus is on another window and everything works fine, but the instant you click on the evolution window to open an email the screen goes dark.

Also focus now seems somewhat blurred in that I can move my mouse over the evolution window and scroll without focus on the window, but emails can’t be opened without clicking on the window to give focus to that window. It seems to be a mix of click to focus and mouse position to focus.

Evolution as an email client is non functional in this environment!

This has started in the last few days which seems to indicate that it is change related.

Any help appreciated!