Espanso COPR available for testing

Following this post, I’m announcing that packages for #Espanso are available on copr for #Fedora:

How to install:

sudo dnf copr enable eclipseo/espanso
sudo dnf copr install espanso espanso-wayland

For wayland, you have to run first after install:

sudo setcap "cap_dac_override+p" $(which espanso-wayland)

to allow espanso-wayland to grab the keys.

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Exciting! I looked at it a long time ago and IIRC Wayland support was lacking at the time.

Will give this a try after the Labor Day weekend. Do you need help getting the pieces into Fedora?

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Can this be done in %postinstall?

maybe, I need to brush up on how postinstall macros work.

You can basically run anything there after the RPM is installed (preferably not too much). There is also %posttrans that comes after the RPM transaction is done.

Hmm actually, any reason this can’t be done at the end of %install?

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An old post here has examples, might be worth trying to see if they still work

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