Errors when trying to update from GNOME Software

The update service is a mess for me…
In the past months, every 2-3 days I keep getting 503 errors or certificate errors when trying to install updates.
The problems usually persist for a day or so…
For example, here’s the error I have since yesterday for org.fedoraproject.Platform - f32:
F32 update error
I live in Eastern Europe. Maybe it’s a mirroring problem.


I’m in Germany and have been getting errors like this when updating Fedora flatpaks. I disabled Fedora so I could update the rest:

flatpak remote-modify fedora --disable

And — probably related — today when I did a podman system reset and then tried to download a new toolbox, it didn’t work. I kept getting 503 errors there too.

After running the toolbox create command around 20 times, it finally downloaded everything needed to create a F32 toolbox at least. (Otherwise, I couldn’t work today. “Fun”.)

Where’s the right place to report Fedora server issues?

It took me several minutes and tries to sign in with my FAS ID to this site today, and I am in Canada. Emphasis on minutes…

24 hours later… org.fedoraproject.Platform - f32 still does not install, now I get an error saying: Checksum digest did not match.

We are now tracking this issue at sorry for the inconvenience.

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Bug was closed as duplicate. Here’s the issue to track:

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I hope that whatever happened, people figure it out and put something in place to prevent this from happening again.

Not being able to have a toolbox to work in (after a poorly timed podman system reset) almost messed up my whole workday. (Thankfully, I was able to get it working by running the command a few dozen times in a row and count on checksums to have the right image downloaded.)

I was doing some testing with toolbox last days and I got the same error again and again, so I create a mirror of the images here:

I tried a few times and it worked fine every time. It’s a temporary fix (until the official registry get fix), but if anyone need to pull the toolbox image and have troubles, feel free to use it:

[user@host ~]$ toolbox create --image
[user@host ~]$ toolbox enter
⬢[user@toolbox ~]$ 

I was able to update all of my Flatpaks, toolbox, and rpm-ostree just a few minutes ago. I was getting worried for a day or two but it’s nice to be back up again.

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