Errors during downloading metadata for repository 'shiftkey':

GitHub Desktop 6.0 B/s | 35 B 00:05
Errors during downloading metadata for repository ‘shiftkey’:

I don’t know why this happens in this update session. I have neither installed something related to shiftkey. For me I only understand shiftkey like Shiftkey on my keyboard…
Help me out

sudo dnf repolist enabled

will tell you which repositories are enabled

Points to:

… clicking on the link for the repomd.xml it says “Bandwidth or Storage Limit Exceeded”



I was getting the same error. I had installed shiftkey/desktop, the GitHub Desktop for Linux a year ago and apparently there’s a problem with the old path to the repo.

To solve this issue, I simply repeated the “To setup the package repository” instructions for my distribution, which happens to be RHEL. No more error message.