Error with GRUB screen

Hello everyone,

I have been using Fedora for over a year now but there is an error which is still troubling me. Whenever I go to my GRUB menu and type commands like “videoinfo” or “vbeinfo” or “xrandr” to get
information on the supported resolutions, I keep getting the same error. It always says, “…/…/grub-core/script/function.c:109:can’t find command ‘videoinfo’.”

I have had this issue on Fedora 29 and it persists even after upgrading to Fedora 30.

Points to note: I have a dual booting system with Windows; I have done a clean install of Fedora (first) and then Windows. By clean, I mean that the HDD was completely erased before installing the OSes.

System information:


I am using the open source drivers for Nvidia.

Does anyone have any clue as to why this is happening? Any possible fix?

Thanking you all in advance.