Error of Nvidia driver (akmod-390) since kernel update(5.18) in Fedora 36


I have installed the nvidia driver (390) from the RPM fusion page, everything seems normal, when I updated the kernel version the nvidia module did as well.

But now, I update the kernel to the 5.18 and my pc is using noveau, I tried to install again akmod + nvidia driver the same way as before, and the problem continues, the terminal tells me that I have already installed the nvidia drivers, but noveau still appears, I tried to blacklist noveau and the same problem.

Please help, sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:

There is a version upgrade that might fix the kernel interaction with the driver.

It will be propagated into the repositories soon.


I have the same problem on kernel 5.18

Using Nvidia GT 730 with 390xx driver, working on 5.17