Error moving tor browser to opt

i’m trying to move tor browser to /opt, but keep getting this error message;
Error While Copying
"the folder tor-browser_en_US"cannot be copied because you do not have permission to create it in the destination.

i’ve changed all permissions but cant change permissions in the /opt folder

managed to move the folder but cant run the app.
just get this error

[john@UNKNOWN opt]$ start-tor-browser.desktop
bash: start-tor-browser.desktop: command not found...
[john@UNKNOWN opt]$ 

is the desktop file meant to be a script that runs? Desktop files are usually used to add apps to the GUI application lists. They’re not runner scripts. If your desktop file is correctly installed, you should see tor in the list of applications now. If you want to use the terminal, you need to run the command that this tor package provides you—usually a shell script in some .../bin/ folder.

im going by what i read in linux magazine, following what they said but get the error.
in the tor browser folder theres the folder with the data then theres a script called start-tor-browser.desktop.

now according to the linux magazine i run

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You’ll need to speak to the author of the article you’re referring to then.

If you could share a link, folks here may be able to go through it and provide some ideas.

ok thanks. i downloaded the flatpak version of tor-browser just to try install it that way. (being new to linux) but get this error.

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That seems to indicate network issues. With Flatpaks, you’ll unfortunately have to speak to the people that are providing them because they’re not provided nor maintained by the Fedora community.

If this is the Flatpak you are using:

then you need to speak to the folks listed in the “publishers” information—probably by filing an issue on the GitHub repository: