Error messages containing failure of most installed chrome web store extensions on Opera


Does anyone else have this situation?

Error messages containing failure of most installed chrome web store extensions on Opera, using the latest or previous versions, on Fedora 36 with Gnome 42.1. Can you check the log and take action? @opera , Gnome, @fedora . I can’t define where the problem is! If in the extension that allows the installation of extensions, where there is
chrome-webstore-extension ( GitHub - operasoftware/chrome-webstore-extension: Contains the code of the Download Chrome Extension hosted at which allows users to install extensions from Google Chrome Web Store directly in Opera browser ) or in the Opera browser itself or Fedora distro with Gnome42.1 that causes such a situation. Can you help with this issue?

Log when I open Opera in Fedora 36 with Gnome 42.1 through journalctl -f

Can’t find what you need? Download the Install Chrome Extensions extension and check out Chrome Web Store.

Note: In other browsers the error messages are different, in others they do not. Are there any usage incompatibilities between Fedora and Opera?

Huh. I guess Opera is just a Chrome skin, now? Weird.

Those messages are a known issue in Chrome. I think it’s mostly been by now, in Chrome, but Opera may not have gotten that fix.

Before the fix, they were characterized as “false positive” messages, so unless you’re actively experiencing some sort of problems related to extensions, it’s probably safe to just ignore them as a harmless annoyance.


Thanks for the feedback!

I also posted this on the Opera forum and on the extension developers’ pages to see if they reach a common denominator.

Apparently the browser runs fine, videos and audios are perfect, but the messages containing “errors” always create doubts for Linux beginners.