Error failed to register as driver: rpm-ostree deploy --register-driver failed


I have problem when i start my service zincati in first time.
My instances are managed by terraform and when i check status of service i see error

[ERROR] failed to register as driver: rpm-ostree deploy --register-driver failed:
error: Transaction in progress: (null)
You can cancel the current transaction with rpm-ostree cancel

I can restart my service and error goes away, but i can’t do it manually on all my instances and terraform don’t allow restart services automatically .
Also when i first check rpm-ostree status -b i don’t see Zincati in front of BootedDeployment , but later after restart i see the following
AutomaticUpdatesDriver: Zincati
DriverState: active; periodically polling for updates (last checked Thu 2021-06-24 11:56:10 UTC)
Please help me with my case .