Equivalent of Windows D:\ drive for my Fedora PC

Fedora version: 30

Question on storage layout in Linux personal PCs (not enterprise)

In MS Windows, I used to store my non-binary data like Movies, Pictures, documents, spreadsheets, …etc in my D:\ drive.

In Fedora, nobody uses the root user as the regular user even if its ur personal PC.
Lets say my username is steve. So, steve’s home directory will be /home/steve

For creating the equivalent of D:\ drive in Fedora (and maybe Ubuntu)
is the convention to create something like /home/steve/Ddrive ?
create /Ddrive (under root directory) and chown it to stever user ?

There’s not really one correct answer to this question. I’d say the “equivalent” is just keeping /home/steve as a separate partition from root. I think this is the Fedora default now (at least it’s the Silverblue default). You can create yet another partition and mount it wherever, but what are you really trying to accomplish?

If you just like to have another files area to keep things in your own kind of order, I would recommend just creating a new directory under /home/steve and use that. Partitioning for this is unnecessary, imo.