Epic games on lutris with nvidia drivers

I had once sucesfully installed the epic game store on lutris a year ago or so, probably on fedora 31 with the nuveau drivers. I am now running 33 and the nvidia drivers when I tried to run the epic store it took a little time on a black screen and i thought it was broken so i deleted it and tried to reinstall it ( i now know that the store takes a long time to show up ). Now I cant even install it, the log mentions a few .dll files that crash and falling back to noveau.

I would like to know more about if wayland is having known problems with the legacy nvidia proprietary drivers.

Also if someone knows how to install the epic game store on lutris on fedora 33 with wayland and the nvidia drivers that would be very helpful.

I don’t use wayland since for quite some time it has been known that wayland and the nvidia drivers don’t play well in the same sandbox.
I use xorg with nvidia.

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Are you using the Nvidia binary installer or the RPM Fusion Repo?

I believe you need to enable DRM KMS support which uses EGLDevice, EGLOutput, and EGLStream objects to be able to run Wayland and Weston on top of it.


Lutris however, uses community maintained scripting. Their forum might be better for questions about installing Lutris on your system.

I am using the rpm repo. Ill take a look at the link.

What about amd drivers are those ok?

I thought AMD had unified linux drivers but from my experience Ubuntu has a larger user base, so I don’t know the answer to that question… I like Fedora because I don’t want to be stuck with a LTS kernel at 4.9 that doesn’t work with my 2021 computer.

I like the negativo17 repo for linux gaming over RPM Fusion myself… You can prioritize your installation better without installing a bunch of libraries you don’t need for Steam and Lutris.