End of year content : Best of 2020

We usually have a few Best of YEAR articles at the end of the year. It might be a good time to start to look at getting these ready.

Some examples from the previous years https://fedoramagazine.org/?s=best+of


The way we did this in previous years was to use the Jetpack functions to identify and highlight articles published during that year that got the highest readership in several categories. This work, along with the best-of articles themselves, can be done by virtually anyone. It’s an extremely low bar for a new contributor (or any editor).

I could probably prepare images ahead of time, based on a previous year if needed. So the work here would be minimal. They can even be prepped ahead of time to publish over the Christmas/New Year period automatically.


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So are we going to miss this article for 2020? Has someone started the process?

It was more than an article in previous years, rather a series. They’re not hard to produce but require people to commit to the work. (Like most else I guess.) :slight_smile: Since we’re on the eve of the holiday season now, with other things scheduled, it’s unclear to me whether we can or should do it at this point. From an editor standpoint, either way it’s at least worth noting for an earlier start next year.

I understand your point of time and scheduling constraints, especially since you note it was a series. Perhaps we can do a 2020 look back after the new year, in order to highlight some of the good content we had this year, as well as some of our new contributors.
Indeed, I think we should talk about planning for this next year.