Encryption issues - Luks root partition, clievis unlock with tang and static IP

Hi folks,
I’m finding some troubles setting up a test environment (bare metal).

I’ve just install 2 nodes (each device have 4 NIC) with fedora 35 having luks encryption on the root partition.
I would like to set-up TANG plus clevis to permit reciprocy unlock

The kernel boot settings are already done (automated config during installation)

Ive installed the tang server

# yum -y install tang
# systemctl enable tangd.socket --now

Opened the firewall port

# firewall-cmd --permanent --add-service http
# firewall-cmd --reload

And the clevis system

# yum -y install clevis clevis-luks clevis-dracut


# clevis luks bind -d /dev/sda3 tang '{"url":"http://<other server ip>"}'

The goal is to use the first nic for the clevis unlock and the secon one for othe comunications

I’m getting lost enabling network early on boot

# dracut -fv --regenerate-all  --kernel-cmdline "ip=IPADDRESS:::SUBNETMASK::INTERFACE:none"


# dracut -fv --regenerate-all --kernel-cmdline "ifname=bootnet:MACADDRESS ip=IPADDRESS:::SUBNETMASK::bootnet:none"

The systems can not auto unlock.

Please, some one can help?