Encrypted Luks password Kickstart

Hi everyone,
I want to know if it is possible to encrypt the passphrase for encrypted lvm volumes to add it on the ks file like when you create user account.
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Sorry for my bad english

For that specific LV I would not even recommend creating a swap partition. Fedora uses zram for swap that is entirely in memory and is 100% wiped when the system is powered down. Most users any more do not need the physical swap partition.

I realize that this does not directly answer your question, but it seems better to encrypt the entire disk than to do one LV at a time. Encrypting the disk means one unlock during boot but encrypting LVs means you need to individually unlock each LV as it is started.


No, this is not possible.

With user password the installer can use the encrypted passphrase because it is not needed during the installation (it’s enough just to save the encrypted passphrase to /etc/shadow), but for LUKS we need to password to actually create the LUKS device and the key slot.