Encrypted file container

Is there a software or functionality on Fedora that supports creating and using some kind of encrypted container for a file, preferably supporting GPG encryption? Or some abstraction layer that lets programs like LibreOffice edit GPG encrypted files?

I am editing a few files and sharing them via cloud. Currently I copy the file to an offline folder, decrypt it manually, edit it, then encrypt it with my and recipient’s key and copy it back to the network share. The copying and decrypting/encrypting is a little tedious and I’d like to skip it.

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Hello @phant5
Do you need to encrypt file per file?
Or you need an encrypted bucket in the cloud storage?

Some time ago I used gocryptfs with Nextcloud mounted using davfs2. You mount the Nextcloud catalog, then you create a directory and with gocryptfs2 you create an encrypted overlay filesystem. You put the files in the mountpoint managed by gocryptfs2 and in Nextcloud you see only the encrypted stuff. Obviously you have to mount Nextcloud and then the gocryptfs2 on your system every time you want to access your files.


You could also consider the LibreOffice builtin feature Save As… → Encrypt with GPG key

Before you put it to work, you have to go to Tools → Options… → User data and select your GPG key


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