Encrypted Btrfs Volume


I was trying the Beta Installer for SilverBlue 33. I was testing the Btrfs subvolume option in order to combine three disks an old pc of mine has. However I couldn’t see anyhing in the Anaconda Installer advanced Blivet-GUI for an encrypted Btrfs option. If I selected ext4 the option to encrypt a partition appeared.

Is encryption not supported in Btrfs or am I doing something wrong?

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I found how to do it. Using the custom option, instead of the Blivet-GUI, we create a Btrfs volume. After it is specified there is an option to configure it. That option presents us with the option to encrpyt the Btrfs partition.

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Yes. Btw note that it is not a btrfs encryption option. I mean, indeed Anaconda first create an encrypted LUKS partition, then, inside this partition, it creates a filesystem (in this case you chose btrfs, but it can be ext4 as well).

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I’ve added support for encrypting btrfs volumes to blivet-gui so it should be available in the next release – Allow creating encrypted btrfs volumes by vojtechtrefny · Pull Request #241 · storaged-project/blivet-gui · GitHub I don’t know why it wasn’t available before, I probably just forgot to enable it for btrfs :slight_smile:


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