Encountering Screen Dimness Issue after Fedora 39 Upgrade

I recently upgraded my Dell G15 laptop to Fedora 39, and I’ve encountered a peculiar issue with screen dimness post-update. After completing the upgrade and restarting the system, the screen became excessively dark, almost imperceptible.

My Dell G15 is equipped with Nvidia and AMD Ryzen 7 processors. This issue specifically affects the screen brightness, making it challenging to use the laptop effectively.

I’ve attempted basic troubleshooting steps such as adjusting brightness settings and checking power configurations without success. The problem persists, indicating a potential compatibility issue with the upgraded Fedora version or specific hardware components.

If anyone else has encountered a similar issue or has suggestions on how to resolve it, I would greatly appreciate your insights and advice. Please feel free to share your experiences or recommendations in the comments below.

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Just 've encountered the same issue. Switching to an older kernel on boot solved the issue.
Everything is ok with Linux Kernel 6.8.11 and the issue reproduces with 6.9.4.