Enable Multimedia Control in Lock Screen

Is there any chance to enable Rhythmbox’s (or any other multimedia application) controls during lock screen?
(Similar to KDE’s lock screen.)

I have “Show Notifications on Lock Screen” enabled, but the best result is the small notification box at the bottom of the lock screen simply displaying “Rhythmbox”. Nothing clickable, though.
(Even this box is not always displayed on lock screen.)


The Display Manager (DM for short) that Fedora workstation defaults to (GDM) doesn’t support it

For Gnome you need to go into the settings and enable notifications on the lock screen. You can also switch to another display manager like lightdm or sddm (what KDE uses) and they have other features.

  1. Log out of Gnome and switch to a virtual terminal. When the new DM starts it will automatically log you out of your session:

  2. Switch to a virtual terminal (VT) session

ctrl + alt + F3
  1. Log in as root, or your user and then su to root

  2. Install the package:

dnf install -y sddm
  1. Disable GDM from starting on boot
systemctl disable gdm.service --now
  1. Enable SDDM at startup
systemctl enable sddm.service --now
  1. When you start the service, it will take you to another session and you will be at the SDDM login screen.

  2. Go back to your VT with ctrl + alt + F3 and logout with ctrl + d

  3. Switch back to your login screen with ctrl + alt + F2

Not sure if I got you right: in order to enable the multimedia controls I need to enable notifications on the lock screen (via Settings > Privacy > Screen Lock > Show Notifications on Lock Screen) plus switching to lightdm or sddm, right?

I am asking, as I have Show Notifications on Lock Screen enabled in Gnome, but GDM does not display media controls.

No. You just need to enable the notifications. Switching Display Managers is optional. I wrote all the steps and then remembered that GDM can show you notifications. I didn’t wanna delete all that work. Lol

Hm. Are we both talking of this “Show Notifications on Lock Screen”?

I do see the notification box at the lock screen’s bottom, but it does not react to any click. It just says “Rhythmbox”.
There is nothing I can do with it, like rewinding, skipping to the next song, pausing, etc.