:fedora: "emoji" icon — others?

For your enjoyment, I’ve added :fedora: to insert the Fedora logo into a post inline, like this:


We can add others too. Any suggestions?


what about the logos of the different desktop environments, gnome, kde, lxqt, xfce, …?

  • :gnome: (logo)

  • :kde:

  • :...:

I could also think about logos for :workstation:, :server:, and :atomic:


tallking about flavour would be a plus :

  • Silverblue

What about tools based on this page, mentioning the most important :

  • podman
  • builhda
  • pagure
  • taiga
  • koji
  • copr
  • fedocal
  • nuancier
  • bugzilla
  • kernel test
  • mailing list
  • bodhi
  • badged
  • wiki
  • fedora magazine

I know Is not important and priority but it would be nice…



That’s nice @not-mattdm-at-all. Could you add a simple Laptop and Desktop icon?

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These are all “nice to have” but not “necessary” in my book. Overuse of icons tends to reduce readabilility (and accessibility too for people that rely on screen readers and so on?). So, this isnt a high priority task in my book.


I agree — this is fun rather than important :slight_smile:


Not required. You already have them as Unicode emojis: :computer: and :desktop_computer: .

I agree, however, at least silverblue would be nice. :smile:

I can take the hit on this :fedora: :fedora_classic:

For me the emojis are broken, as I disable remote content in mails.

A recent example:
The text version is Ein Prosit!! :beers: while the html version is Ein Prosit!! <img src=3D"http= s://emoji.discourse-cdn.com/twitter/beers.png?v=3D12" title=3D":beers:" alt= =3D":beers:" loading=3D"lazy" width=3D"20" height=3D"20"></p></div>

Why are they emojis not using the utf-8 ones? At least in text and as alt-text that should be used, but of course having just the emoji in the html version would be even better.

Don’t forget about Sericea and Kionite :smile: