Emergency mode, sudden black screen and now wont boot up

Boot up error?
When bootimg up my pc now it goes to “Emergency” mode and i can not do anything.
Please help.

In the middle of what i have allways used the computer it suddenly stopped, audio played for few seconds vut screen was frozen and as the audio stopped all went dark.
After i did a restart it loaded up with no problem started up steam and firefox, loaded firne and looked at my temps, all were fine (under 45c) and then again black screen and no responce.
I tried alt+control+F2 and i saw some text(in image).
What do i need to to, can anyone help?

It looks like a corrupted file system. You might try booting into an emergency shell and running the fsck.ext4 command.

In the future, please use ask.fedoraproject.org for this sort of question. This site is meant more for project-related discussions.


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Hello @krkest ,
Welcome to the discussion area. As @glb noted, user support type of questions are intended to be directed at the discussion area at ask.fp.o, very likely your answer is there. If this is a newer Fedora Linux install, your filesystem should be btrfs, and as such already has some very robust file error/corruption mitigation to use. I would think that at first, either booting with the live usb or being able to get into the emergency shell at boot of the system is your road to recovery. Personally, I choose the live usb for it’s greater set of tools to use for recovery.