Emacs in toolbox gives error when emacsclient started from terminal


I installed emacs in a toolbox. I run the daemon (with emacs --daemon ) and then I can launch clients with toolbox run -c emacs-git emacsclient --socket-name=/home/ec/tmp/emacs1000/server -c in graphic mode.
However I cannot launch clients in terminal mode with toolbox run -c emacs-git emacsclient --socket-name=/home/ec/tmp/emacs1000/server -t. I always get errors like *ERROR*: Could not open file: /dev/pts/1 . That happens also if I try it from the terminal directly inside the toolbox.

Launching emacs (without daemon) from the terminal works too.

I guess this is related to the toolbox, but I can’t figure a solution…
What am I missing ?