Elisa doesn't recognise my music (and neither does Amberol)


Sorry for this noob question, but Elisa doesn’t recognise any music I have. When I type in the path to my music my music file (.webm, .mp3 OR .m4a), it says “file-path” is a file, but a folder was expected. The same happens in Amberol

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

It looks like you clicked on the load playlist button. That is searching for a playlist file.

You don’t play music in Elisa by opening a folder. You go into “Configure Elisa” and then add music locations at the bottom. Those locations then get indexed by Baloo and the music shows up in your library.

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Thanks, that worked. Any ideas on how to fix this in Amberol?

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Never mind, when I select a folder, it now gives me all the songs in it, but when I try adding a specific song from the folder, the song doesn’t show up.

Yeah, it seems to be broken. It may be the way it applies a filter. It looks like a gnome application so it may be a compatibility issue with the kde-portal. That being said, it should work either way.

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