EFI partition vs fwupdmgr

My current hard disk has three partitions:

  • The first partition has Windows 11 installed.

  • The second partition is the EFI partition with a size of 100 MB Fat16 and it’s used by both Windows and Fedora.

  • The third partition has Fedora 36 installed.

The problem I’m facing is the following:

fwupdmgr is saying that there is a new BIOS firmware but it’s failling to install because there isn’t enough space on the EFI partition to download the file.

The current size of the partition was made automatically by Windows during the installation process, therefore, what I did was to resize it to 200MB to have more room for the BIOS firmware to be downloaded properly, however, for some reason the table partition didn’t update correctly and it still shows that the size is 100MB instead of 200MB.

How can I fix that problem without having to reformat that partition and loosing the EFI entries for both operating systems?

So I had to format the partition and I was able to rebuilt the EFI boot entry for Windows but I haven’t found an easy way to do that for Fedora, I know I have to boot fedora from a live USB but what’s the next steps?

One thing I was able to find out with all this situation is that when using Windows and Linux in the same hard disk, it’s better to have an EFI partition with at least 200MB since both operating systems share the same space, I hope I don’t run into issues in the future.

I gave up :hot_face:, I ended up reinstalling Fedora :persevere:, I didn’t find in here or on the internet an easy and straightforward way to reinstall that EFI boot entry, it is way toooo complicated :face_with_spiral_eyes:, I just hope I don’t run into this issue anymore, at least the BIOS firmware installed correctly, I just wish there was a tool to automate this process.

did you see How to restore grub booting when windows install wipes out the efi data for Fedora?

when resizing partitions, you need to do two things: 1.) resize partition, 2.) resize filesystem of that partition. did you do fs resize?

Yes but I had no success.

I just used a gparted live media booted from USB to resize the partition, I assumed it was going to do everything in one single process but it’s obvious it failed.

Anyway I needed to reinstall the OS to fix some issues I had with the previous installation but that’s not what I meant to do at first.